Selina’s Gratitude Journal 01/15/2015

Selina texted me and asked me to add this following post to her gratitude journal last night…

She wrote:

Today was not a very good day at first glance. My car needs 900$ to be fixed but I need my car to make that money. I have been stressed about my boyfriends house arrest and if he is eligible. But I won’t look at it negatively. I will take my mothers views and look at everything through a positive lense. Anthony is not in jail and I am watching a movie and cuddling (favorite pass-time) and I have my rent paid and my boss will work me as an insider. I am grateful for the simple fact that my boss is so understanding.. I am grateful that anthony has really hit the straight and narrow now that he has realized what he is in. I am grateful for the fact that I have a warm bed to sleep in and a roof over my head with food in my stomach. I am sure things will work out. It is much easier to see that with this new view.


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