Random Acts of Kindness Ideas – Tear Off Affirmations

Conscious Giving Tear Off Flyer

Conscious Giving Tear Off Flyer

Doing daily acts of conscious giving or random acts of kindness, whatever you prefer to say, is an AMAZING way to live your life.  But sometimes, you just need something    different to do!

So, how about creating a Kindness Affirmations flyer and hanging it up in your grocery store, post office, or any other place with a cork board?

I LOVE this idea!  In fact, I love it so much, that I made a flyer that you can just print out and stick up anywhere you please, easy as pie.

Conscious Giving Tear Off Flyer

I always give these a glance when I am walking out of Kroger’s, and can you imagine someone who is feeling down, or has a broken heart, maybe someone angry because they couldn’t find what they wanted in the store …. and they walk out the doors and see this?  Can you imagine them pausing, just for a moment, to read it and to receive the message from the Universe that they are loved without condition or expectation?  Maybe they slip the note in their pocket.  Maybe they don’t even take it, but the message is what counts, and they receive it.

I’m going to print a few for tomorrow, and take them to our local Kroger, CVS, and a restaurant in town that is a great Mom and Pop place.  And maybe we won’t be allowed to hang these in the “big” stores like Kroger, I don’t know, but its worth a shot.  The answer will always be no IF YOU DON’T TRY.

Let’s do this!


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