Random Acts of Kindness January 24, 2015

It seemed I was being foiled everywhere I turned today in my continuing campaign of posting notes of kindness.  First, I printed up a really cool flyer with tear-offs that I was going to hang in a local warehouse store.  However, I could not find any portable tape at home, and of course, while we were there, I could have bought a pack of 754 tapes, but I only needed one.  So I thought, ok, I DO have my market and my post its, so all is not lost.

Well, then when I went to write my notes, my FAVORITE pink marker was GONE!  Vanished from my pockets!  Argh!  So I thought, well, I know I have a pencil in my purse (for some reason) so I dug that out, and the tip was broken.  **SIGH**

SO, we moved on and went to a local place for dinner, and I fished a pen out of the car, determined to do this, and finally got it accomplished, not  exactly how I planned, but victorious none the less!  Woohoo!!!


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