Random Acts of Kindness February 5 2015 – All Kinds of Things!

OH MY GOODNESS, I haven’t posted anything in about a week.  Shame on me!  I must confess, I have been swamped with work.  However, THIS blog and this movement need to come as a priority in my life, so I am going to start making a habit of doing my posts early in the morning, so this never gets lost in the shuffle of the day.

So what have I been up to, you ask?  (You asked, right?)

Well, I have done quite a few of Random Acts of Kindness and Conscious Giving.  First, I donated $20 to the American Heart Association to get my 7 year old’s campaign kicked off.  We made her a website through the AHA and everything, and she set a HUGE goal of raising $300, so we are working hard to get it.  Link is here if YOU want to donate!


Yesterday, I was in the Dollar store, and the cashier asked me if she could ask me for a random favor.  I said sure, and she told me that she wanted to buy a candy bar, but because of store policy or something, she was not allowed to do it, so she wanted to know if she gave me a dollar, if I would buy it for her.  I told her to just add it to my bill, and I would just pay for it, and to my delight, she sayd thank you, and that she would pay it forward!  Woohoo!

Today, we donated about 50 oranges and 14 apples, as well as some canned and boxed foods to the food drive my kiddo was having at her school.

The week has also been filled with lots of little things, like making an effort to let cars out in front of me, holding doors for people, smiling at people.  I also got my post it notes to post little pick me ups in restrooms and other places.


NOW – for this month’s #RAKtivist goal, I need two new Random Acts of Kindness Activists – we are recruiting!  Who wants to help!??  Let’s change this world one act of conscious giving at a time!



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