Join me in pledging Kindness, Wisdom and Gratitude in 2015 with AVAAZ

What a wonderful way to start the new year … by pledging to … (courtesy of AVAAZ)


Show Kindness and Respect

We will show kindness and respect towards ourselves and others whenever possible. And it’s always possible, because everyone we meet is fighting a battle we may know nothing about.

Strive for Wisdom

We will seek to be wise in our decisions, listening deeply to ourselves and others, and balancing our heads, hearts and intuitions in a harmony that feels right.

Practice Gratitude

We will regularly reflect on what we’re grateful for, because it brings perspective, dissolves negativity, and grounds us in what’s most important.

Our community has overwhelmingly voted for these 3 simple, powerful principles to support each other to follow in 2015. Join thousands of others in this New Year’s pledge to ourselves, and then share stories and insights from our “journeys within” on a live chat tool. When 500,000 of us pledge, we’ll invite world leaders to personally join us, and we’ll all check in 3 times this coming year to see how we’re doing.


The stronger and larger this community pledge is, the more likely that it can REALLY impact the world by inviting World Leaders to join the community.  If you want to help me make a difference in the world by acts of conscious giving and kindness, this is a wonderful place to start.

Take the Pledge With Me!


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