Gratitude Journal Thursday Jan 15, 2015

What am I grateful for today?  I am grateful for my loving Fiance, Scott.  Maybe that’s kind of a cop-out, because obviously I love him very much, but today, when I was swamped with work, he made us lunch.  And he didn’t just pop a microwave dinner in the oven.  He made stuffed mushrooms from scratch, broccoli and cheddar soup and some leftovers from a beef stew he made from scratch …. LOL yes THE beef stew – its done!

But I realize how lucky I am.  My fiance is thoughtful, caring, positive, and he loves to DO things to make me happy and content.  He works for it.  And I deeply appreciate that.  It lets me know that our relationship is a priority to him as well as me, and it feels good.

How about you?  What are you grateful for today?

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