My Gratitude Journal Sunday January 18, 2015

Today, I am grateful for dark days and silence.  There are few things that I relish more than a dark, dreary day, accompanied by total silence in the house.  This revitalises me; it heals my soul of the myriad scrapes and scores acquired throughout the week, of the bumps and bruises gathered along the way while we love, parent, communicate and otherwise put our imperfect communication out there for the world to see.  It heals all the imperfect communication we receive in return, through that barrier that is our native disconnection because we are separate beings striving to be one.  In the silence, in the dimness of the day I can quietly reflect, quietly regroup and prepare myself for another onslaught from those I gather around me with conscious care.

I listen only to myself in these stolen moments that may last for minutes or hours – and sometimes I find surprising things inside my mind, as I struggle to move into my unique self, far above the ego and beyond even the one-ness of the soul.  I have come far already, and have many, many miles to go.


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