Daily Acts of Conscious Giving January 27, 2015

Today’s random act of kindness really fell into my lap because its 11pm, and I was trolling Facebook looking for a good deed to do because I hadn’t done anything today.  I came across this GoFundMe request from another #RAKtivist and so I donated to this lady’s cause.

As I am writing this though, I realize that I DID do some acts of conscious giving today.  Scott and I took my 7 year old out for dinner and a movie today because she came home with a good report card.  And I did an act of kindness for both myself and the rest of the world today when I stepped away from a very frustrating morning and took a long hot bath and did some meditation, and came out feeling much more like myself again.

Acts of kindness don’t ALWAYS need to be done for strangers, don’t forget to be kind to yourself and your family, too!


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