Acts of Conscious Giving January 15, 2014

Today has been a very busy day for me at work.  I work from home, and we are migrating our website starting today so I have been doing nothing but data imports and such all day, and I have a numb butt and crossed eyes, and soooo much more to do!

And I am grateful that I have this wonderful job, working with people I love and respect.

So I had to go searching for an act of conscious giving on the web, and I ended up donating $5 to a homeless shelter in nearby Columbus.  I really wanted to send a blanket or something via Amazon, but I couldn’t find a charity to do that for in my quick search.

A friend of mine did a Sock-a-thon to get donations of warm socks for a shelter near him, and I am going to contact some shelters in our area and see what their needs are and do something similar.  Want to join or have ideas?  Comment and let me know!


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