Acts of Conscious Giving Sunday January 18 2015

Today’s act of #ConsciousGiving was inspired directly by a video I just watched called you are enough.  Its posted here if you want to watch it.  If you have not seen it, please do.

So, I decided that I would tell someone I love that they are enough today, so I posted on my daughter’s time-line on Facebook to tell her that she, without question, is ENOUGH.

What does “Being Enough” really mean?  Well, delving into my core beliefs, I think that each person, every individual on the planet is part of The One.  Spirit, God, the Universe, however you name it.  However, that plurality of being is transcended absolutely by the fact Spirit MADE you in order to have the experience of being you, to be uniquely, irreducibly YOU.  I heard this concept communicated at a conference I attended by Dr. Mark Gafni, the author of The Unique Self.  His belief immediately struck home with me, because I was struggling with believing that we are all simply another face on Spirit.  If we are all just … extensions of Spirit, we are all connected, but where does that leave ME.  Who is Vanessa?  How am I IDENTIFIABLE as an individual?

Then I heard Mark speak, and I understood that I AM my unique self, and I exist as Spirit having a uniquely “Vanessa” experience.

Therefore, I am Enough.  I am doing what I was created for.  Spirit is experiencing me through my eyes, the world through my perspective.

My “mission”, however, is to bring love and kindness into this world.  My mission is evolving every day, growing inside me, and that is why I have created this site and this movement.  I really DO want to change the world.  I really DO want to spread a wave of love and kindness and tolerance over this planet – a think blanket of of heart and soul for everyone to shelter under.  And I invite YOU to be a part of it.



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